In Ear Monitors and Headphones

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    Microsonic Earplug Filters


    Replacement filters for your Microsonic Earplugs. The changeable filters lower the sound levels equally across all frequencies. All filters are interchangeable with Microsonic Earplugs. The -9dB filter is best for when you want to cut back a small...

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    Microsonic Musician's Earplugs


    These custom fit earplugs evenly reduce all frequencies to bypass skewed and muffled sounds that are often left unfiltered by over the counter earplugs. Our ability to hear is irreplaceable, and professional ear plugs give you the best high quality...

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    Shure Gray Soft Flex Earphone Sleeves


    Reusable soft flex sleeves offer comfort and ease of use for SE model earphones. Available in Small, Medium, or Large. Compatible with these models: E1, E3, E4, E5, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, SE110, SE210, SE310, SE420, SE530, SE115, SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535...

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    Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered In Ear Monitors


    Designed for Studio Engineers and Producers; the Reference Remastered series features True Tone technology, which expands highs and lows - giving a true commitment to fidelity.Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded in ear...

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    Ultimate Ears

    Ultimate Ears Sound Tap


    Tap, plug and play. These are the three steps the Ultimate Ears Sound Tap takes to get your in-ear monitors or headphones up and running when only an existing stage monitor mix is available. Taping into any on-stage speaker, the Sound Tap supports both...

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    Ultimate Ears UE 11 Pro In Ear Monitors


    Need to feel the bass? With a dedicated sub, the UE 11's are designed for drummers, bass players and DJ's - driving lows using precision tuned balanced armatures.Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded in ear monitors. 3...

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    Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro In Ear Monitors


    The all-new Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pros. They take after the legendary, award winning UE 18's - however the plus models have been completely designed from the ground up. With extended high frequencies and the addition of True Tone drivers - the 18+ Pros...

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    Ultimate Ears UE 5 Pro In Ear Monitors


    With a dual-driver design, the UE 5 Pro's give great frequency response along with extended headroom. The dual channel design keeps the highs, miss and lows aligned.Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded in ear monitors...

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    Ultimate Ears UE 6 Pro In Ear Monitors


    With 2 dynamic 6mm neodymium drivers for the punch and our True Tone balanced armature for the sizzle, the UE 6 is the most natural sounding in-ear monitor for rhythm & percussion.Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded...

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    Ultimate Ears UE 7 Pro In Ear Monitors


    Offering the best in mid-range capabilities, the UE 7 Pro's are a great choice for guitarists and vocalists alike - offering a crisp, bold sound to reinforce your performances.Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded in ear...

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    Ultimate Ears UE Live Pro In Ear Monitor


    With 7 balanced armatures and a dynamic 6mm neodymium driver, the UE LIVE is the fullest, richest, and most powerful in-ear monitor we’ve ever made!Contact us to Demo and get complimentary scans for these custom molded in ear monitors. Input...

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    Ultimate Ears

    Ultimate Ears UE Pro Line Drive

    MSRP: $149.00

    UE Pro Line Drive is a Line-Level signal buffer that can be connected to Line Outputs or Headphone Outputs. Line Drive is connected between the sound source and an in-ear monitor (IEM) and enables consistent audio fidelity. Line Drive guarantees the...

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